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Well Life at Work provides health plans, benefit brokers, employers and their employees with creative solutions to improve the health and wellness individually and for their organization. Well Life assists the employee first by helping them understand their current health status and how their daily choices impact their health. Well Life then empowers them by providing education, resources and support necessary to move forward on their wellness journey.

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Well Life at Work Webinars

Your employees hear from top health and professionals without leaving the office and can take steps to improving their health in as little as 30 minutes

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Health Risk Assessment

The HRA is the foundation of any successful wellness program. Both employee and employer begins their journey towards wellness.

Risk Assessment

Wellness Education

We don’t want to just teach your employees, we want to empower them! Our goal is two-fold. First, we hope to educate participants on the topic.

Education Classes

Onsite Health Event

Provides employees with a convenient and effective way to learn more about their health, while engaging them with next steps on their path to wellness.

Health Event

Welcome to Well Life at Work

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Implementing Wellness Programs

By implementing a wellness program and using health and wellness coaching in an organization, employers can...

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Health Screenings

In late January Well Life launched our new iPad Application for health screenings and education. This cutting edge technology is used to collect biometric data, process aggregate group reports and most importantly, to facilitate a positive, stimulating platform for health education.

"Just wanted to let you know that for the last 42 days, I have exercised every day for 60 minutes and logged all of my meals, snacks, beverages. I lost 4 lbs. Please feel free to share my success. I had been exercising, a food dairy, counting calories, the whole bit however in 2009 fell off the wagon... my daughter's bridal shower, the wedding, all of the eating opportunities around it, a cruise so therefore had gained 8 lbs. that I could not get shed. The classes put me back on track and... Read full testimonial


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